ONDAMED, the Biofeedback System

Practitioner with patientAfter 20 years of research and clinical use in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia, this distinctive modality promises to change the way personalized medicine is being handled, forever.
The ONDAMED Biofeedback therapy uses a unique method palpating the radial pulse while introducing subtle stimulation to the patient’s body including auditory and visual signals.
These natural signals tap into electromagnetic cellular communication pathways promoting stress relief and relaxation, improved circulation, and pain relief.
This method allows the practitioner to bring possible weaknesses to the patient’s attention allowing for a heightened attentiveness to one’s behavior, thinking, and emotions which support desired physiological changes.
There is a whole range of health conditions that experts believe can be treated with biofeedback therapy. In fact, it is a very popular choice over drugs, because it does not have any significant risks or cause undesirable side effects.
In addition to treating certain health conditions, biofeedback therapy can be an integral part of performance optimization at the highest level.

ONDAMED. The Accelerator for Health and Wellbeing.

Therapeutic Optimization with ONDAMED 




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