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A Better Direction


For over 20 years, the ONDAMED Technology has transformed millions of lives throughout the world. This German Technology is used to treat acute injuries, pain and wound healing.

The brilliance of the ONDAMED therapy lays in its personalization by combining feedback and localized tissue stimulation with focused electromagnetic fields. This method helps identify dysfunctional areas on the body which may be root problems of chronic disease and their related symptoms. Such dysfunctions include inflamed or infected tissue, scars, and even emotional trauma residing as cellular memory. Treating these localized areas helps attract immune response to such areas while stimulating lymph flow improving metabolic processes and balancing the sympathetic and parasAympathetic nervous systems.

The goal of the ONDAMED treatment is to help regulate the body’s functions to achieve a new level of physiological, mental, and emotional health with improved stress tolerance.

The missing piece

A better way... because its technology and methodology is the "missing piece" to any practice and perfectly fits into these fields:

» Aesthetic & anti aging medicine
» Sports Medicine
» Pain Management
» Oncology
» Pre- and post surgery
» Gynecology
» Internal Medicine
» Psychiatry
» Neurology
» Cardiology
» Immunology and Endocrinology

Let us show you how to simply and successfully integrate ONDAMED into your practice today - and help make it a better, healthier world tomorrow.

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