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Biomedical Information Therapy Symposium
Presented by Dr. Silvia Binder

Learn and maximize your knowledge by watching The Symposium on Biomedical Information Therapy, which delivers a comprehensive framework and education on ancient as well as most recent high-tech, personalized medical approaches. Understand how to integrate bio-energetics and energy medicine into your diagnostic and therapeutic approach during your daily practice life. Learn how to offer a more comprehensive solution for your patients to overcoming disease followed by maintaining overall health and wellness.

This CME approved Symposium was created by Dr. Silvia Binder and held by her at the A4M World Congress in Las Vegas 2016.

For those of you who were unable to attend, we have the recorded Bio-IT Symposium available for you to watch at the comfort of your own home or practice. Once purchased, you will receive the link to use whenever and wherever you want. Enjoy 5:30 hrs of education with Dr. Silvia Binder.

A preview webinar is available below.

Enjoy this one-of-a-kind Bio-IT Symposium filled with advanced education for you and your staff.

For a preview please CLICK HERE»

► Purchase the entire Symposium (5:30 hours long)
Price: $149

Once we receive your payment we will send you the link via email.


► Purchase this Symposium on a USB Flash drive
Price: $169

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