Biofeedback Machine

The ONDAMED System, A Biofeedback Machine

The System offers 4 different Modules, meaning 4 different applications.
The frequencies range from 0.1 to 32,000 Hz. The frequency lists are based on a mathematical structure as already documented by Pythagoras 500 B.C. and upon which the basis of geometry is founded; this structure can be found in all elements of nature. The field intensity is 0,5 to 55 mT (milli Tesla).
The device comes with a choice of five applicators: 4 applicators for focused field stimulation to targeted areas and 1 applicator for wide field application. The applicators induce micro-currents within local tissue areas.

A Visualization Software lets the patient visualize the frequencies in colors, providing color therapy at the same time the frequency stimulation takes place. The Software also allows for recording the information found on the patient, and printing the patient information sheet.
Sound stimulation takes place during the therapeutic application.


Focused Fields

The ONDAMED Technology offers various state-of-the-art applicators using a unique field design, which may be used for a large range of applications.

Applicator» Hand Applicator, Neck Applicator and Matrix Applicators offer each a focused field stimulation. The uniqueness lays in two simultaneously emitted fields through 2 channels creating an upper wave component. The scientifically proven and known effects of pre-selected fields are used to stimulate targeted tissue.

» ONDAMED’s unique applicators create small circulating vector-driven micro currents, which are able to penetrate deep into areas of different tissue structure including skin, ligaments, and bone. In comparison: while lasers cannot penetrate as deeply, micro-current stimulus can, but its stimulus gets lost to healthy tissue since electricity follows the path of least resistance. ONDAMED’s unique applicators get the stimulus to the area where repair and regeneration is most needed.

» Stimulating the nervous system has significant impact on stress management which is depending on type of programs used from the vast selection of 170 different therapy programs.

Wide Fields

» The Flex Applicator offers a large-scale field, its intensity per unit area is significantly less but with a diameter of approx. 3 ft. The Applicator can be double-looped around a selected joint or other body area.

Indication of use

» Pain Relief
» Soft Tissue Injuries
» Wound Healing


Studies show known common effects of low frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields such as:

» Anti-inflammatory
» Sedative
» Vasodilatory
» Analgetic
» Anti-neuralgia
» Enhancing po2 pressure in tissue

Non-Label Approach

Disease Labels do not help us cure our patients. Imagine an approach that would rapidly allow you to find the hidden physiological and emotional cause of your patient’s symptoms by watching the patient’s response. This response guides the practitioner to deliver focused electromagnetic stimulation to the areas that are potentially in most need of therapeutic attention.

How do ONDAMED’s impulses impact each individual?

Humans are electromagnetic beings, and are receptive to electromagnetic vibrations. ONDAMED stimulation induce subtle current impulses in the body’s fluids, organs, tissue, and cells. Our connective tissue, also known as “the matrix”, is our largest organ in the body. Connective tissue connects all cells and organs in the body.

The flow of electrons takes place in connective tissue. The perineural and perivascular system sits in organs, around muscles, bones and nerves. What takes place here may be compared to a semiconductor. Let’s take the following example: Isolated areas in the body, such as inflammation, are collecting a different electrical potential widely known as the ph-level in the body.

Once the ph-level is outside the neutral range of close to ph7, it indicates an electrical potential of the isolated area. This potential has an electrical field, which influences the conductivity in the surrounding area – just as the gate does in a semiconductor.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"