Biofeedback Treatment

ONDAMED: A Breakthrough Technology for you and your patients.
Getting your "feet-back" to getting and staying well!


e1After more than 20 years of research and clinical use in Europe, North & South America, Asia and Australia , these advanced Class II-a medical technologies are approved in many countries for use by medical healthcare professionals and patients with their doctor's prescription.

The brilliance lays in the personalization of treatment unique to each living being with the help of a Biofeedback method. This non-invasive therapeutic approach helps patients improve their stress tolerance. Stress is linked to most common disease. It is therefore critical to offer our patients relaxation training and improvement of attentiveness to their bodies, and their state of emotion.

Biofeedback sessions may be covered by medicare, medicaid, and insurance companies. CPT codes are available upon request.

Call us to learn more about ONDAMED, its use, mechanism of action & efficacy. Every human being is unique, and so is their life's health journey. A more personalized approach having the patient sitting in the driver's seat.

Update on 2015 FDA Warning Letter:

The FDA warned our company to remove claims made about treatments of chronic disease from our international English language website. While permitted in other countries, we are not allowed to make claims going beyond Biofeedback for which we are registered with the U.S. FDA. We resolved the issue by creating separate sites for English USA and English Outside USA.

The U.S. FDA performed facility audits and the FDA agents guided us to successfully meet FDA regulations.

The ONDAMED device has been registered with the FDA since 2003 as battery powered biofeedback device indicated for relaxation training and stress relief.

Medical professionals purchase ONDAMED devices for their practices and clinics. Patients may purchase and use the ONDAMED Biofeedback System in the comfort of their own homes with a prescription from their physician.

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